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Give your space a voice!

As you venture into the world to seize the day and maximize your talents- you will find that your workspace is key to helping balance the routine you are designing for yourself.

The concept of Living in Seasons aligns beautifully with the life of a working professional. If you can align your financials in 4 quarters, watch sports in seasons, a school in session- you bet you can design your workspace to have its own season too!

Things you can do to live in seasons inside your space:

  • Change the Accent Color of a main wall

Always take a poll from the people that share space with you. This is a fun way to engage others and create excitement. A temporary color change keeps things fresh!

  • Rotate Art Work

If you’re a sports fan, showcase the sport in season. If you’re into the arts, be more selective of when you display your art in a focal point. Simply moving your stuff around changes up the look of your space and creates moments of delight when you move something to a prominent area. My autographed Bo Jackson piece has been in my office, living room, and is now hanging near the front door.

  • Add Life to Your Space

Have fresh flowers that are in season with colors that remind you of the month we are in.

Bring in a green plant to add some vibrance and health (plants are natural air purifiers). If you’re

not much a green thumb, hang artwork of plants, trees, or just about anything in nature that

brings a smile to your face.

  • Move Furniture

We get the best responses from people when we move furniture around to reflect the season as it relates to business and life. The 1st Quarter is always a good time to reset with goals & it’s also tax prep season- we need quiet, focused spaces that don’t add to our stress. We bring out the coffee bar from the kitchen and dress up the coffee station in Q1. By Q3 we are in full Summer mode and have created lounge-type areas to encourage summer vacation stories.

  • If you take care of your space, your space will take care of you.

As you continue to give your space attention, you will be quick to notice that your energy will shift. You will be more engaged, more interested, and excited to show up to your workspace, and so will everyone else. You can usually accomplish all of this without having to be under construction and still feel like you just got a brand-new space. When you make the changes to live in season, feel free to call it a remodel- the impact you made is just as powerful.



Hi babe, thanks for stopping by!

I'm a certified Interior Designer in California & I spend most of my time in curiosity about why we do those silly things that keep us from being our best. 

I hope this blog helps you sort out the influence our environment has in shaping our everyday & empowers you enough to create space for a darling gorgeous life you love. 

Cheers to making the most of the time we have together.

XO, Moni

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