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Productivity: The 2-minute Design Self-Discovery Checklist

Optimizing your workspace requires an understanding of your work style and how you respond to the environment around you. Take a moment to reflect on your preferences by going over the following statements, taking note of what resonates with you:

____ I work best in enclosed, windowless spaces

____ I work best in open spaces with windows

____ I enjoy the outdoors but don't get enough time outside

____ I enjoy the outdoors and make sure to get enough time outside

____ I tend to avoid the outdoors

____ Music helps me remain productive and focused

____ I prefer natural sounds when working

____ I prefer to work in silence

____ I concentrate best when I am sitting at my work desk or table

____ I concentrate best when I am engaged in physical activity

____ I concentrate best when I am working out in nature

____ I concentrate best when I am working in a public space like a library or coffee shop

____ I concentrate best when the temperature is on the cooler side

____ I concentrated best when the temperature is on the warmer side

____ I prefer to concentrate for long periods at a time

____ I concentrate best when I take short breaks away from my desk

____ I prefer natural daylight or soft light over fluorescent lighting

____ I am drawn to or inspired by natural landscapes such as

____ beach

____ mountains

____ meadow

____ garden

____ forest

____ desert

____ lake/lagoon

____ city park

____ sunrises

____ sunsets

____ It is important that my work environment smells pleasant

____ I would prefer the option to stand and move around at my desk

____ My favorite color is _________________________

____ The colors that help me focus and remain engaged are _______________________________

____ I feel my best in the morning

____ I feel my best in the afternoon

____ I feel my best in the evening

____ I feel my best late at night

____ I feel my best when I am with others

____ I feel my best when I am alone

Did anything surprising come up for you? Use these responses to reimagine the elements you can take away from or incorporate in your current workspace.

Let your answers lead the way in how you design your space with you in mind.

If you share your workspace with others, we recommend sharing this checklist so they too can benefit from the changes in design for productivity purposes.



Hi babe, thanks for stopping by!

I'm a certified Interior Designer in California & I spend most of my time in curiosity about why we do those silly things that keep us from being our best. 

I hope this blog helps you sort out the influence our environment has in shaping our everyday & empowers you enough to create space for a darling gorgeous life you love. 

Cheers to making the most of the time we have together.

XO, Moni

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