4 Mood-boosting colors with Purpose

Updated: May 11

Good design starts and ends with the happiness of the individuals inhabiting the space. With color having such an impact on our moods, it’s important to really dig into the colors that make you feel your best.

We know it can be hard to imagine what a tiny paint swatch from Home Depot might look and feel like when it’s covering your walls at home, and it may even be trickier when you love all the colors equally! So let us forget about color for a second, and instead focus on what you want to feel.

Figuring out what the purpose of the space is, whether a relaxing bathroom or a playful sewing room, we want to be able to enhance the mood of the space by matching it with the intention of the space.

To feel relaxed, youthful, and calm

Pale Purple has similar effects to its flower friend, lavender. Pale purple is an excellent shade to put in spaces where relaxation is the goal. A master bathroom, a creative office space or a set of lavender pillows in your bedroom can help you unwind and open up your creative senses.

To feel energized, uplifted and happy

Golden Yellow, because just like the sun, it gives us life! This color is common in eateries for good reason, it has a positive affect on our appetite, making it the perfect color for kitchen cabinets, sun rooms and breakfast nooks. Want to add a little zap of energy to a space? Golden yellow accents are our go-to.

To inspire creativity and connection

Earthy colors like Terracotta Orange have been all the rage this past year and we love it! This rich grounding color is perfect for dining rooms and living rooms for its ability to attract people with its welcoming energy, inspire creativity and connection with its energizing warmth.

To fuel Focus and inspire Serenity

True Blue, much like clear skies and ocean views, evoke feelings of serene calmness. Offering peaceful tranquility makes this color excellent for bedrooms and offices. It’s proven effect on productivity makes this a top choice for offices and workspaces for its ability to help us hone in on the task at hand.

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