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Wellness-Inspired Interior Designer turns to Artistry as a way of belonging.

Hola! I’m Monica, Founder of Evolving By Design,

Artist, Author and Certified Interior Designer in the State of California,

and I define beauty differently.  

Art is proven to be a naturally accessible method of healing and personal development. Around here, we do serious personal growth through creativity and play, regardless if you consider yourself an artist or not.

Goal: Creative Exploration that Illuminates the path towards a fulfilling Vocation

Social-Emotional Experience: Building Confidence, Self-Awareness, Discovery of Multiple Attainable Creative Skills 

How: By the use of mixed media such as Paint, Paper, Markers, Pens, Clay, Sand, Fabric and Crafts with the intent to explore in a safe, exploratory, non-judgemental setting. 

Results: Experience Wonder, Happiness, Get in touch with Internal Excitement, Create a feeling of Community, Safety, Interpersonal, Human Relating, enhance Social Skills


I left a career to find my calling and walked away from my corporate experience as a designer for one of the largest premier design companies in the world along with 12 years of passionate entrepreneurship to find my heart-centered home.

The world provides daily challenges that shape who we become. My blessing has been over 20 years of creative experience in transformational change. I prefer to experience our world through artistic human connection, and it’s a big part of what fills my cup of joy, along with gardening, baking, camping, chips & salsa.


Our social-emotional art studio is currently offering guidance through private art sessions at home and group sessions that build community.


I've had the privilege to share how Art + Design impact the well-being of our daily routine as a national conference speaker with the following topics:

  • Multisensory Methods to Help Children Explore Inner Strength

  • How Space Impacts your Health: the Science behind Design

  • The Importance of Environment as A Reflection of Who You Are

  • How the Built Environment Influences Your Mood and Behavior 


All my love to you and remember, Artists are Brave!     


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