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Meet the Artist
behind the Design

Hola! I’m Monica, Founder of Evolving By Design,

Artist and Certified Interior Designer in the State of California,

and I define beauty differently. 

Art as Therapy is proven to be a naturally accessible method of healing and personal development. Regardless if you consider yourself an artist or not- Art Therapy will connect you to your Creativity.

Goal: Creative Exploration that Illuminates the path towards a fulfilling Vocation

Experience: Building Confidence, Self-Awareness, Discovery of Multiple Attainable Creative Skills 

How: By the use of mixed media such as Paint, Paper, Markers, Pens, Clay, Sand, Fabric, Crafts with various other materials.

Results: Experience Happiness, Create a feeling of Belonging, Safety, Interpersonal, Human Relating, enhance Social Skills that build Community


I left a corporate experience as a designer for one of the largest premier design companies in the world along with 12 years of passionate entrepreneurship to find my heart-centered home after divorce. When it rains, it pours. I'm humbled daily by constant reminders that life is both a challenge and a blessing.

The world provides daily challenges that shape who we become. My blessing has been over 20 years of creative experience in Entrepreneurship, Interior Architectural Design, Floral Design, and personal hobbies like reading, writing, and crafting. I prefer to experience our world through artistic human connection, and it’s a big part of what fills my cup of joy, along with gardening, baking, camping, chips & salsa.


My design practice is currently offering guidance through private art sessions at home or virtually.


I've had the privilege to share how Art + Design impact the well-being of our daily routine as a conference speaker with the following topics:

  • Multisensory Methods to Help Children Explore their Inner Strength

  • How Space Impacts your Health: the Science behind Design

  • The Importance of Environment as A Reflection of Who You Are

  • How the Built Environment Influences Your Mood and Behavior 


Happy at Home,     


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