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Meet the person
behind the design

Greetings! I’m Monica, Founder & CEO of Evolving By Design,

and as a Certified Interior Designer in the State of California,

I design differently. 


My focus is on helping you create a personal space that uplifts you and reflects your purest self-expression. There's healing through creative living & I encourage you to connect to your heart space. I'm faithfully driven to build community, too often found in my garden or laughing out loud at a local cafe with someone I just met.

  • Interior Styling

  • Emotional Wellness

  • Redecorating

  • Aligning Goals + Values for Intentional Living


I left a corporate experience as a designer for one of the largest premier design companies in the world along with 12 years of passionate entrepreneurship to find my heart-centered home after divorce. When it rains, it pours. I'm humbled daily by constant reminders that life is both a challenge and a blessing.

My personal joys include crafting, reading, gardening, cooking, camping, chips & salsa. The life I've designed with God by my side is roughly 75% sensitive single housewife, 25% curiosity, and I store 10%  for rainy days. 


My design practice is currently offering guidance through private design sessions at home or virtually. I've also just authored & published a planner to guide you through Intentional Living.  


I've had the privilege to share the impact of space as a conference speaker with the following topics:

  • How Space Impacts your Health: The Science behind Design

  • Recreating Your Executive Presence at Home

  • The Importance of Space as A Reflection of Who You Are

  • How the Built Environment Influences Your Mood and Behavior


Happy at Home,     


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