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We need our bad ideas.

Those that fail the most also try the most. You absolutely need to have bad ideas so that good ideas get to surface as well. Some life lessons come with unpleasantries, and I’m convinced that adding up all of the bad ideas is one of them. But who’s counting?

Where is your genius space?

There is so much to learn from our own way of thinking and there’s nothing more liberating than having a brain dump session where you write out ALL of your ideas no matter how crazy they seem. I call these, genius moments.

Creating a space to help you during your creative idea session is to be supportive of your genius moments. It also helps in taking a break from your normal stationary workplace and get the energy moving. Nurture these moments by creating a dedicated genius space with these recommendations:

Identify how you get your ideas out of your head and be sure to have furniture that supports this task. What’s your mode of notation:

-Pen & Paper, Marker Board or Keyboard? And then decide what you need… -A comfortable oversized chair to sink into. -A desk & chair that support posture, arms, hands and feet. -Unobstructed floor space for those of us that think on our feet & write on walls.

When in your day do you feel the most alert? Knowing when you are the most alert will encourage sharp focus to commit to this creative exercise and avoid fatigue.

Take notice of what is around you when you feel the most creative. Is it is a sound, a smell, a good meal, after a nap? I am the most inspired in the morning when I am in my garden or in meditation. The most fascinating ideas come to me during meditation. When I quiet the noise in my head, an idea that has been stirring for weeks or months finally comes together.

Be near natural daylight and a view of the outdoors helps. There are many health reasons why Natural Daylight is good for you, click here for my top 5. If you need artificial light be sure that the fixture selected provides enough general lighting. When you’re picking out a light fixture for your genius spot, remember the light must illuminate the surface with a general glow, not a fixed pointed ray of light. If you place your desk near a window, you should be facing the window so that you avoid glare on your screen. The wall/object directly adjacent to a window is always the darkest. The wall/object directly opposite the window is always the brightest as it is in direct path of light. Maximize the use of your square footage, create your ‘genius spot’ and start getting those genius ideas out, the bad and the good! Let others know what this space is for and invite them to use it for that purpose as well. If you want more guidance on how to create engaging spaces throughout, here is an easy to follow guide CLICK HERE.



Hi babe, thanks for stopping by!

I'm a certified Interior Designer in California & I spend most of my time in curiosity about why we do those silly things that keep us from being our best. 

I hope this blog helps you sort out the influence our environment has in shaping our everyday & empowers you enough to create space for a darling gorgeous life you love. 

Cheers to making the most of the time we have together.

XO, Moni

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