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Monica Viramontes

Art Therapy Workshops for a Better Human Experience

Art, when created as a form of therapy, helps people improve cognitive development, sensory-motor function, self-esteem, self-awareness, and emotional intelligence while aiding in resolving conflicts and reducing stress for successful social integration. 

Hi there, I'm Monica!  I'm the founder of Evolving By Design, home to creative transformation and I provide meaningful person-centered activities through Art Therapy workshops.  

Having undergone a series of creative and personal transformations led me to design ways to provide intentional creative exploration that illuminates natural strengths. I'm passionate about teaching others how creativity enhances how we experience life.

Connecting with this internal information uncovers the design of our life, helping us find
a sense of belonging and providing significant options that lead to a fulfilling life.

My mission is to help others express themselves through art and get us closer to a world filled with purpose.

Create Your Unique Purpose through Experiential Art Projects 

Achieve Your Goals with the Ultimate Creative Planner

The Creative Planner is the perfect tool for those who want to set and achieve their personal goals. With our guided worksheets, you can start any-time of year and work at your own pace. Our goal-setting approach is unique, as you set your goals based on your own values. Join us on a journey of self-discovery and make your dreams a reality.

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