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the artistry
of belonging

Personal Development Studio for Extraordinary Individuals. 

At Evolving By Design, we're all about radical acceptance.

Honoring the unique parts of each student unlocks their full potential!

We focus on exceptional individuals with cognitive, physical, or emotional diversity. 

Our learning plan is a mix of social-emotional work with creativity based on each client's abilities, needs, preferences, and choices for a transformative curriculum unlike any other.  


Discover the artistry of belonging today.

We're Mobile!

Service Area: Long Beach, California and surrounding cities

Por supuesto que sí, ¡Hablamos Español!




Personal Development Creative Sessions

Discovering alternative methods of communication through creative projects releases stress, anxiety, anger & frustration.

Our classes are designed for people of all skill levels and backgrounds including Autism and Down Syndrome.


Intentional lesson planning in sequence reinforces personal growth to increase connectedness due to speech delay or limitations in social settings. 


Personal Development Creative Sessions

Life is an ever-evolving journey, and sometimes it can be challenging to find our way. That's where we come in - our team has lived experience in personal growth and development, and we're here to provide support.


Our goal is to help you evolve into the best version of yourself, and we do this by providing creative activities and resources designed to help you along the way.


Creative Activations
& Group

Book an inclusive experience for your group. 

A creative moment provides alternative methods of learning. Studies show better retention in cognitive development, sensory-motor function, self-esteem, and self-awareness when the activity is structured around play, excitement, and encouragement. 

Join us for a transformative experience that will leave you feeling inspired.

Monica Viramontes

Artist, Designer, Author & Founder

The way we speak to each other can move us more deeply than anything else in the world.

Hi there, I'm Monica!  I'm the founder of Evolving By Design, home to creative transformation.
I provide
 meaningful person-centered activities by combining social-emotional work with creative sessions for neurodiverse individuals with big goals.  

Having undergone a series of creative and personal transformations led me to design ways to provide intentional creative exploration that illuminates our natural strengths.

I left a career in commercial design to answer my calling in personal artistry. Through the mess, I've discovered a passion for teaching others how creativity enhances how we experience life. 
My mission is to help others unlock their potential while building a community filled with purpose.

Welcome to Evolving By Design!

Your Guide to a Meaningful Life

Uniquely designed to honor your passions, interests, profession, and mission into a real plan with action steps- this daily planner was designed with you in mind! 

Align your values to create purpose-filled goals with guided worksheets.

You can start any time of year and go at your own pace. 

Join our planner community on a journey of self-discovery and make your dreams a reality.

daily planner 

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