What would it look like to feel seen, supported and celebrated by your space even through your most challenging transitions?

Creating a space that inspires you doesn't have to be complicated, or expensive. We love to implement design in a way that builds your confidence and facilitates the connections that mean the most to you. 

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  • Guiding you through adjustments to create a space that works for you.

    175 US dollars
  • A 15 minute consult to identify your best next step.

  • Customized to your specific project needs.

    275 US dollars


I offer interior design to assist people in dealing with change by creating a supportive and encouraging spaces.
I used to work at the largest design company in the world creating and designing high end  spaces. I was 35, married, owned a home, and had 3 amazing furry babies. One day I woke up incredibly unhappy and lost in my work.
I took a sabbatical and in that time of I was able to take the time to slow down and reconnect with myself to figure out why I was so unhappy. In the middle of that career change I went through a divorce that came out of nowhere. In what felt like a train wreck, my world turned upside down in a blink of an eye. 
I felt like I had lost control over my life and everything going on around me. What I did know, is that I could change my space to bring me some joy. Redesigning my space to make me feel good was the only thing I could do to make me feel like I was going to be OK.
I learned that we truly only have control over ourselves and what we allow in our surrounding. Being able to create a safe and nurturing home was pivotal in a life altering situation and I believe we should all have access to this kind of support. 
That's when I decided to start Evolving By Design, an interior design company on a mission to help others live their best life in reconnecting to themselves to empower and give confidence to embrace change.


"Wow! This is phenomenal! Thank you for creating this document for us. I love the thought of ‘Design Discovery’. You really took the time to get to know us and nailed it! You inspired me after our initial visit, you brought me a lot of freedom to trust my instincts and go with what I find beautiful. Thank you for that." 


 "I have to tell you I started to declutter and rearrange the living room. Just in doing that it feels so much better, and that’s just the beginning. I can’t wait till we get to the point of new furnishings and placement."