Naida, Co-Owner

Fit Life Bootcamp

Redesign of Gym Reception Area 


My new space makes me feel happy. It feels clean, crisp and very bright. It makes me want to sit and have business meetings there or have some tea with my friends. I enjoy it so much that I don't want to leave. 


The biggest difference is brightness. It has brought a dark room to life. People want to just hang out and have conversations there. When they walk in, their face lights up, they look around and have a smile. 


Monica gave us confidence by listening to what our vision was. Great Canvas! - she said. She used some of the pieces we already had and just added the perfect spark that brought everything together to make our vision come alive. 

The guide you didn't know you needed to transform your space for virtual meetings. 

  • Designer Tips for your Executive Presence on Camera

  • Solutions to bridge your Work + Home Space

  • Over 90% of our communication is Non-Verbal

  • How you SHOW UP online can make the difference.



Sandra Villalobos de Madariaga,
Home Owner 

Grey Living Room Sofa

After learning that paint can help reflect light- we repainted the living room and the light that comes in at noon fills the entire space! We can feel the difference and we spend more time together in that room. It was a big energy change for us. 


Margaret Brown,

Grey Living Room Sofa

It's critical that my workspace nurture my productivity and creativity! After working through the Design Playbook I made minor changes in my workspace that have made a BIG impact on my work. I'm grateful for this innovative insight that Monica introduced me to.